A cultural baggage that accompanies every journey

Generations of artisans, artists, eclectic personalities. From the 1960’s _MALLONI has distinguished for its prominent personality. A story that develops in a unique way within the Made in Italy panorama, thanks to the unmistakable imprint impressed in the expressive code of the Brand.
Clothing and shoes that make of avant garde and research the main focus. A concrete, physical presence, strongly bond to the ground, to the materiality of the phisical consistency, to traditions. A melt that burst out with an overflowing energy, driven by curiosity and a constant commitment to research, leading the Brand to foresee the most innovative trends.


A language in balance between poetry and prose

A voice that tells the story of modernity with an alternative language, as always in a non-conformist way. A continuous metamorphosis, which translates into physical objects the most ethereal spirit of poetry, transforming visionary ideas and suggestions into reality.
Contemporary poetry. A modern, theatrical, rich representation is staged, sophisticated in contents but light and lively in form. An expressive code based on elements of strong impact. A renewed colour palette, unexpected combinations and new volumes reveal some of the most iconic _MALLONI details, unveiling in a refined way the majestic work of sartorial innovation hidden behind each garment.

A future that knows no boundaries

Refined interpretation of the concept of everyday life. A new attitude to bring heaven and earth closer, thought and matter, poetry and prose. The imprint of the stylistic hand outlines a spontaneous, immediate mood. Here and now. Freedom becomes the key element from which to draw inspiration.
The background of tradition, artistic maturity and experience accompanies _MALLONI in a new journey. Spontaneity, colour and dynamism can coexist in great balance with the most iconic features of the Brand, in a scenario that outlines the birth of a new identity.