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Style, design and a wealth of experience in the sector since the 1950s. This is the winning formula which, over the years, has enabled the Malloni family business to expand exponentially, with their success based on creativity, craftsmanship and innovation. The launch of the Ixos brand followed by strong growth, first in Italy then overseas, led to founding Malloni Spa in 2000, and is the direct result of the business acumen of Fabio Malloni and Floriana Orsetto, respectively the Group's Managing Director and Creative Director. Key stages of a journey which has transformed the business with professional and human capital, and launched the Malloni brand into the luxury clothing sector with continuously developing, widespread retail operations.


Malloni Spa
Via dell’Industria, 18
63821 Porto Sant'Elpidio (FM)
Tel +39 0734 877000


Export Sales Manager

Via Carlo Botta, 8
20135 Milano
Tel +39 02 55181112

Via Andrea da Faenza, 12
40129 Bologna
Tel +39 051 361377

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